We may offer a number of specialty designed vinyl monomers (developing products) resulting in polymers with the desired functional groups and properties. This is an area of considerable competence to us in a co-operation with Chiron AS. By polymerisation of specialty designed vinyl monomers polymers may be obtained in a single step having the desired polymer surface without any need for tedious post surface treatment steps.  Chemical post modification of polymer surfaces may also often contribute to unwanted pollution of the surface from side products formed in the chemical surface treatment reaction. In addition it may be difficult to avoid undesired side reactions occurring at the polymer surface during the surface treatment process that may be impossible to clean up and remove.  Introduction of desired functional groups at the polymer surface by using specialty-designed monomers will also, if necessary, contribute to a more simple post modification step including more gentle chemical condition resulting in a less risk of uncontrollable side reactions.

We have a selection of available vinyl monomers*  (developing products) and we are continuously in a process for developing new types of vinyl monomers. If you do not find the vinyl monomer or any other molecule  you are looking for, please contact us and probably we together will find a solution.

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