We offer general competence in chemistry and especially within the disciplines of surface- and colloid chemistry, polymer chemistry and organic chemistry.

In the field of polymer particle technology we offer competence i.e. within suspension polymerisation, dispersion polymerisation, emulsion polymerisation and monodispersed polymer particles (mpp-technology)

We also have competence within the field of degradable polymers and particularly biodegradable polymers for medical applications.
Formation and characterization of porous polymer materials and gels, included hydro gels, is another area where we have outstanding qualifications.

Introduction of functional groups on polymers (surface modification) included vinyl monomer design with desired functional groups is an area where we have exceptional high competence. We also possess our own selection of specialty vinyl monomers (see under products)

We may also offer literature search included patents within the area of chemistry utilizing our access to the most recognized international databases securing high quality search results.

Through our well-established network and knowledge about available university- and research sites, we may also assist our clients to find the requested competence and specialist environment.

All inquires will be treated confidential and all work executed in accordance with the clients confidential requirements.